How to Rebuild Your Credit

Did you know buying a car is one of the best ways to rebuild your credit?

Financing a car can help you build credit because they can be easier to get applied for, and routinely making payments on time shows creditors that you’re trustworthy. So whatever your credit situation is we can help you get the vehicle and credit you need and rebuild your credit at the same time! As long as you have patience and create a plan, you can rebuild your credit and eventually obtain an excellent credit rating.

Get started today and rebuild your credit by applying for a car loan:

Buy a Car with Bad Credit

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Helping hard working Canadians get the vehicles they really want, at rates they deserve! Whatever your credit level, we can help you get the vehicle and credit you need.


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Getting a car loan to improve your credit is the most effective if you take some (or all) of the following actions:

  • Make a down payment. Putting down money can help your monthly payments be even more affordable.
  • Be budget conscious. Choosing a car that’s well within your means will help ensure you can make monthly payments.
  • Make payments on time. Ensuring you pay bills in full and on time accounts for 35% of your credit score, so add reminders on your calendar!
  • Pay more than the minimum. If you’re able to, pay more than your set installment, as this shows you’re responsible.
  • Reach below the 30% mark as soon as possible. The faster you pay your loan off, the quicker your credit rating will improve.
  • Avoid grace periods. If you have the option for extensions on payments, using them won’t help improve your credit score.